Commercial Real Estate Services



Kahle Commercial Group provides a wide range of services related to advocating for business owners, investors, landlords and tenants. We can assist with site location, market research and analysis, contracts, lease negotiations, financial analysis, property valuation, business resources, property management and more. We provide top tier customer service and our experienced experts are here for all of your Commercial Real Estate needs.


Industrial Properties

Industrial real estate options span a wide range, encompassing small business and flex park units suitable for storage or small-scale operations, all the way to expansive manufacturing facilities with generous outdoor storage capabilities.

Investment Sales

Buying and/or selling real estate properties with the intention of generating income is the perfect way to build your portfolio. We stay up to date on the latest fluctuations in market trends as well as local and national cap rates. Our vast networking of national and international investors allow us to match our clients with the right investment opportunities: maximizing ROI.

Land Brokerage

Land transactions require exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence the sale of vacant land or undeveloped parcels for commercial use. We have the expertise to provide solutions for zoning regulations, demographic and traffic patterns, political and economic trends, access to utilities, potential development opportunities and more.

Office Properties

Office properties can range from cozy neighborhood centers to expansive office suites located in the bustling downtown area. Whether you're looking to buy or lease office space, our team is ready to assist you with your specific needs.


The sale or lease of retail properties requires market knowledge, site location expertise, and strategic negotiation skills for a successful placement. We have the experience to help you find the perfect location to launch your next business venture or open the newest branch of your company.

Residential / Multi-Family Services

You may be looking for a single family home or you're considering investing in an apartment building, townhouses, or condominiums. Either way, investing in residential real estate is a great way to produce rental income and diversify your portfolio in the real estate market.

Property Management

Property management involves expertly handling the day-to-day responsibilities of property ownership, including managing owner relations, tenant communications, rent collections, taxes, expenses payments, and overall property administration. Whether it's a single-tenant or multi-tenant property, we utilize our knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth operations and maximize returns on investment.